Learn a LOT!

Campers tell us they learn more in a week at camp than in several months or a year at school!

Being immersed in music from flagpole to evening concerts, it's impossible not to soak it all in and achieve more than you thought possible!

From beginner to advanced, we have a place for you.

Lifelong Friendships

You'll meet kids just like you at camp and some of them will become lifelong friends.

Our campers and staff stay in touch through social media, email— and by meeting at camp every year.

It's Gorgeous Here!

Just 90 minutes north of Toronto, we're close enough to the city.. but far away from the noise and congestion. Misty sunrises, spectacular sunsets, quiet nights and sparkling, starry skies.

Get away from it all and hang out with kids just like you who love music.

Something For Everyone

We have it all for campers ages 9-18.

Junior Camp (Gr. 3-8):  Band, Strings, Music Theatre, Guitar (classical/acoustic), Junior Jazz, Suzuki Strings, Choir, Beginning Band, Beginning Strings, Beginning Guitar.

Senior Camp (Gr. 7-12): Band, Orchestra, Music Theatre, Guitar (classical/acoustic), Jazz and Jazz Vocal.


Our Staff LOOOOVE Kids

The Staff's first rule? "We are here for the campers."

They provide a safe, encouraging, loving, supportive environment for their campers to grow musically and socially.

And they have EXTRAORDINARY fun doing it, too— even MORE fun than when they were campers. Not possible? Ask them!

Arts and Crafts

Campers enjoy a wide range of camp recreational activities.

Arts & Crafts is very popular and we have a brand new facility with lots of supplies and recreation staff help


Canada's Best Faculty

They teach at all levels—privately, elementary, secondary, college, university— and play everywhere—jazz clubs, symphony halls, recording studios, on tour in Canada and around the world.

And then, they bring it all to our campers, staff and each other. The faculty have at least as much fun as the campers.

Professional Concerts Every Night

Up close and personal. EVERY night.


Classical, Jazz, Music Theatre...to us, it's all music and it's all great.

Concerts & Other Cool Events

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