Information for Music Educators

Whether you are a private studio or school music teacher, sending your campers to NMC is good for everyone— your student, your studio, your school program.


Campers are involved in music-making for 4-5 per day and they hear a professional concert every night. They are living and playing with kids just like them who love music.

Because we offer a variety of programs—from Band and Orchestra to Music Theatre, Guitar, Ukulele, Fiddle, Drumline, Choir and Jazz—campers get to meet other kids with different backgrounds and interests. Everyone is here for music and friendship.

Boost the Energy and Quality Level of Your Program

Campers leave NMC inspired and enthusiastic. They come back to your studio or school pumped, more prepared and ready to share what they’ve learned. One week of NMC is equivalent to several weeks or even months of school time due to the focused and intensive nature of the program.  This not only benefits the student but increases the quality and calibre of your school program as well.

We Can Accommodate All Levels

NMC is for everyone! We place campers in a group that meets their level and then challenges them to grow. Music Staff are there to boost confidence in any way they can. Our campers’ abilities range from beginner and novice to advanced.


We know that not everyone can afford to attend camp. We really want to help kids get to camp who would benefit from the social and musical growth camp provides but whose family simply don’t have the funds.

This is why we have several kinds of scholarship. Check out our Scholarships page for more information and application forms. We try to find ways to help.

NMC School Partnership Program (SPP)

The NMC School Partnership Program is a win/win relationship between NMC and participating schools. School Music Departments as well as each individual student will be rewarded based on the number of students that attend camp. Each student that attends NMC improves significantly on their instrument which benefits their playing ability back at school.  The SPP is an added bonus by making camp more affordable and providing financial assistance to the Music Department at school.  The incentives for students and schools are as follows*:

Number of Students Camp Fee Discount School Music Dept. Reward
2 to 5 $25 $100
6 to 10 $50 $200
11 to 15 $75 $400
16 to 20 $100 $750
21 or more $125 $1000

*students must be registered for camp by June 1st. 
 Teachers must submit list of enrolled students to NMC office by June 20th.

For more information and/or to register for the NMC SPP, please click the link(s) below or contact the National Music Camp city office