Campers tell us they learn more in a week at camp than in several months or a year at school!

From beginner to advanced, we have a place for you.

Rates and Dates

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NMC 2021 Dates:
Sun., Aug. 22 – Sun., Aug. 29



04 May

COVID-19 Update: May 3, 2021

Dear NMC Community, Let’s face it, we are not exactly where we had hoped we would be at this time. This crazy, unpredictable pandemic has certainly kept us on our…

22 Feb

COVID-19 Update: February 2021

Dear NMC/NCC Community, I hope you and your family are well! Quick COVID-19 Update: The COVID-19 news continues to generate a roller coaster of emotions regarding lock downs vs. openings…

15 Feb

NMC Harold: Headline Edition 2021

  Check out our latest edition of the NMC Harold Newsletter.  

12 Jan

COVID-19 Update: Jan ’21

National Music Camp is a member of the Ontario Camps Association (OCA). The OCA has a COVID-19 Task Force that is working with both the federal and provincial governments and…