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COVID-19 Update: May 16, 2021

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Dear NMC Community,

Yesterday, we finally got the answer we were waiting for when Doug Ford announced that overnight summer camps were allowed to open this summer. We are extremely excited to receive this amazing news and can now concentrate our efforts on getting ready for camp. There are a number of important steps that need to occur including the official publication of government guidelines for camp operations this summer. We anticipate receiving these guidelines in the coming days and will communicate all necessary information with our NMC families once all the details are finalized.

The new dates for camp of August 22nd to August 29th will remain with both Junior and Senior Divisions taking place simultaneously. As indicated in our previous correspondence, the daily schedule, rehearsal areas, meal times, evening programs, faculty concerts and concert day will be modified based on the government guidelines. The great news is that we have already begun planning for all eventualities and know we will be able to provide an extraordinary music and camp experience to every NMC camper.

NMC has a unique advantage to all other camps as we have the benefit of additional time and experience. Case counts will continue to drop over the summer, vaccination rates will increase (including opportunities for all faculty, staff and the vast majority of campers to be vaccinated), plus all COVID-19 protocols will already be tried, true and trusted throughout the summer during Camp Wahanowin. We are very confident that NMC 2021 will be not only amazing, but extremely safe and healthy!

Many of you have already demonstrated your support for camp by enrolling throughout the year, while some have been waiting for the official announcement from the government. Now that we have the word, the time has come to act, show your support for NMC and register while space is still available and not miss out on another year. We’ll do our part by providing an exceptional and safe environment, but we are hoping and counting on you to display your love for NMC and join us at camp this summer.

Stay safe and healthy!


Bruce, Patti, Larry, Margot, Pete and Tan
The National Music Camp Directors  


COVID-19 Update: May 3, 2021

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Dear NMC Community,

Let’s face it, we are not exactly where we had hoped we would be at this time. This crazy, unpredictable pandemic has certainly kept us on our toes and unfortunately in our homes way more than we wanted. Even though we all continue to face tremendous challenges due to COVID-19, we remain very optimistic that camp will still happen this summer. With this in mind, preparations for camp continue in earnest as we keep our eye on the prize of opening NMC in August.

We had hoped to receive specific guidelines for operating camp by now but unfortunately, we are still waiting but anticipate having them later this month. We are, however, predicting several aspects of these requirements and have already begun making necessary adjustments to our site, daily protocols and program.  Based on many discussions with medical and camp experts, the following changes are being implemented for this summer at NMC (based on current information and subject to change):


Changes to NMC Program Options:

  • Junior and Senior Division will be combined into one week of camp.  The new dates for camp will be Sunday, August 22nd to Sunday, August 29thWe need to establish a camp bubble to further protect all participants. The two programs will be housed separately in main camp and the grove. This will unfortunately limit space for each program and campers will be accepted on a first come first served basis.
  • The following programs will not be offered this year: Drumline and Fiddle
  • Some programs from each division may combine based on camper numbers (e.g. Ukulele, Musical Theatre, JJ + Jazz, Guitar)
  • We understand that due to the change of dates for camp, it might no longer fit into your summer schedule. Therefore, we are offering a 100% refund for any cancellations up to May 14th, 2021. After that date, our regular cancellation policy will apply.  If the government does not allow us to operate this summer or we decide to cancel camp, we will issue a 100% refund for all fees paid for the 2021 NMC season.

COVID Modifications During Camp:

  • Rehearsals will take place primarily outdoors. We have purchased several large event tents to accommodate the different large and ensemble groups.
  • The daily schedule will be modified to stagger both rehearsal and “rec” time to accommodate all campers in all programs and provide the full experience for everyone.
  • Our camper cabins are ideally suited to meet all health guidelines with spaced out bunkbeds, washrooms and showers and excellent ventilation. We are increasing the airflow by adding heavy duty screen doors to every camper cabin.
  • Campers must receive a negative PCR COVID-19 test within 72 hours of arrival at camp. We are asking that every camper practices social distancing and minimizes social activity once they complete their pre-screening test for camp.
  • All campers must be dropped off at camp. We will not be offering bus service to camp, but will offer bus service from camp to Richmond Hill at the end of camp
  • Concert day may be virtual this summer or modified to allow for outdoor venues and proper distancing. This decision will be finalized and conveyed prior to camp beginning.


As the situation with COVID-19 and camp evolves, we will continue to update and inform you of any modifications to our program and protocols. IF the government does not allow us to operate this summer, NMC will provide families the opportunity to enjoy camp and all of its outdoor activities in the comfort of their own cabins!  Enjoy a family retreat unlike any other, right at National Music Camp. From swimming to zip-lining and playing on the waterpark to the flying trapeze, plus camp fires and special concerts, you can still experience the magic of NMC as a family this summer.

Your stay at NMC will include:

  • Accommodation: Private family cabins with bunk beds for the kids and a double bed for the adults. All cabins include washrooms and showers. Each cabin will have a picnic table out front and a table indoors for games, family chill time and private indoor eating if you choose. Each cabin will have access to a fire pit.
  • Meals: 3 x socially distanced meals daily, with the option of eating in the dining hall or an outdoor tent. The tuck shop will also be open!
  • Activities: All “rec” activities will be open and offered on a schedule throughout the day. Our amazing programming team will be on site to offer unique, fun and exciting NMC family programming all day plus awesome evening programs.
  • Music: A variety of workshops and special concerts will be offered during your fabulous family retreat at camp.

“The Last Resort” is just that and will only be offered IF we are not able to offer the regular (although modified) NMC program this summer. A further update on specific dates and pricing will be sent in the coming weeks when we have more clarity on the decision about camps from the government.

No matter what happens, we are committed to being together this summer and greatly appreciate your support and understanding during these trying and uncertain times.   Stay safe and healthy!


The National Music Camp Director Team

COVID-19 Update: February 2021

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Dear NMC/NCC Community,

I hope you and your family are well!

Quick COVID-19 Update:

The COVID-19 news continues to generate a roller coaster of emotions regarding lock downs vs. openings and variants vs. vaccines . However, we remain optimistic that we will be operating NMC/NCC in August this year and have begun preparations to make it happen. If you read our COVID-19 update (link included in the recent NMC Harold newsletter), you know that the OCA has been working very hard and very closely with the Ontario government and local health units across the province to develop a field guide that will allow overnight camps to operate safely this summer. Every circumstance and consideration will be taken into account to ensure proper protocols are in place to maximize the safety and minimize the risk to every camper and staff at overnight camps. Once this document is ready and approved, we will be implementing all protocols and will of course, notify every NMC/NCC family as to what is required to ensure the safe operation of camp.

Some Possible Changes at Camp for 2021:

Health and safety is always our number one concern and this will not waiver when it comes to running camp during a pandemic. Last summer, hundreds of overnight camps ran successfully in the US and we have used a lot of data from those camps, and with the addition of rapid tests, better therapeutics, more knowledge about COVID-19 and hopefully vaccines, we are confident camp will be healthy, safe and successful. I don’t want to speculate too much on what might change, but we will be prepared to keep campers in smaller cohorts, rehearse primarily outside (rent several tents), stagger meal times, restrict numbers in cabins, rearrange the daily schedule so that part of the camp rehearses while the others do “rec” activities, have outside faculty concerts, wear masks, require pre-camp negative tests, etc….. Most likely, some of these strategies will be required but until the field guide is released, we will not know for sure. The added good news is that NMC/NCC occurs later in August and 99% of all overnight camps will have already operated (including our camp, Wahanowin) and we will have all protocols and routines in place and will have already learned from the experience of the summer.

Why is Early Enrollment Important and Still Early This Year?

We need to begin preparations for camp now because we need to secure our faculty team and they need to block off this time for camp and not plan other gigs. We also need to hire our staff and give them ample notice so they can plan their summer jobs but still allow for time at camp. Both the faculty and staff are hired based on the number of campers enrolled and the number of campers in each program and the instruments they play. Our early enrollment period until the end of February gives us a good indication of where we will be at for the summer and can hire accordingly. We only ask for a deposit with the application and if the impossible happens again and we are not allowed to operate this summer, we will provide a 100% refund of all camp fees paid once that decision is made.

“We Are All In This Together”:

So, we are asking our community to support us and register for camp and trust that everything is being done to allow overnight camp to operate in a safe and healthy manner this summer. We have, and will continue to have a “we are all in this together” approach and are committed to treating our NMC/NCC community with great fairness and respect. Ultimately, it is up to each individual family to make the best decision for their children and I will always respect the choice a parent makes for their kid. I sincerely hope you decide to register and join us this summer for a very meaningful and magical return to music, chess and camp at NMC/NCC 2021. Please contact us with any questions or concerns regarding COVID-19 or any other camp issues. I look forward to seeing you at NMC/NCC in August.

All the best,

Bruce Nashman
National Music Camp

COVID-19 Update: Jan ’21

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National Music Camp is a member of the Ontario Camps Association (OCA). The OCA has a COVID-19 Task Force that is working with both the federal and provincial governments and is developing a comprehensive guide for the safe operation of overnight summer camps. NMC is also in regular contact with the Simcoe Muskoka Health Unit for the latest guidelines and requirements for businesses operating in this district. NMC is committed to opening camp for the 2021 summer and doing so by following and/or exceeding all the safety protocols implemented by the government and local Health Unit. We are very confident NMC will be able to operate and provide an exceptional music and camp experience for all campers, staff and faculty while maintaining the utmost safety protocols. As the summer approaches and we receive more information, we will continue to keep our NMC families informed of any new developments. At this point, it is too early to know exact protocols regarding masks, vaccine requirements, co-horting, wind instruments, singing, etc….. Please be assured, we will keep you updated.

We remain optimistic and ask our NMC community to do the same. We have, from the start, taken the “We are all in this together” approach in dealing with this pandemic, and will continue to do so. Therefore, if the impossible happens again, and we are not able to operate, we will provide, just like last year, 100% refunds to all enrolled camper families. Hiring staff has begun, finalizing the 2021 Faculty is taking place and all the logistical details are being worked out. Therefore, we need you to do your part, stay positive and register for camp. Let’s work together, follow the guidelines and do our part to overcome COVID and get back to camp. Thank you for your continued support and we look forward to seeing you at NMC 2021 in August!


Bruce, Patti, Pete, Tan, Larry and Margot
National Music Camp Director Team  

Fiddle Camp at NMC

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By popular demand Fiddle Camp will be returning to Senior Division for the 2021 season. Dan MacDonald ( will be back as our fantastic Fiddle faculty and he can hardly wait to get going on another toe tapping terrific week of Fiddle at NMC!  We have lowered the age eligibility to participate in Fiddle Camp to completing grade 7 to allow as many interested campers as possible to attend.  More information can be found under Programs or e-mail